Heartisans Pivitol Writing Watch 5 Different Designs, from $22 to $109. Measure your Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels, Anywhere, Anytime.

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$22 to $109 - 5 Different Models
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Blood pressure

Track your trends on the go. Sync with the mobile app - never miss a measurement.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Measure your heart activity using our 1 Lead ECG


Different activities affect your blood pressure. Track how your blood pressure changes with each activity by making key notes against each measurement.

Activity tracker

As a one-stop solution, don't compromise on your daily activity. The pivitolwriting Watch also measures heart rate, steps and calories to track your daily activity.


WHY pivitolwriting?


A vital sign missing from today's activity trackers and wearables, blood pressure is a key element in determining heart health. With the pivitolwriting Watch, measure blood pressure and stay on top of your heart health. Use the pivitolwriting App to visualise trends, make notes against measurements and even set alerts to remind you when you measure.


The Heartians Watch also allows you to track your daily activity, measuring heart rate, steps taken and calories burned to help you manage your fitness and exercise goals. Use the pivitolwriting App to keep a log of your activity throughout the day, week and month to see your progress.


The pivitolwriting Watch uses Pulse Transit Time (PTT) to measure your blood pressure using our ECG and Optical Heart Rate (PPG) sensors. Use a validated blood pressure monitor to calibrate to make sure measurements are accurate to your unique physiology

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